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FMPLLEN continues to work with our stakeholders to improve life outcomes for vulnerable young people in our region. The funding from DET for 2021 has a focus on developing partnerships which result in an increase of valuable school-employer engagement activities.


The VET bus has begun to ensure students who wish to study VET are able to access the relevant course within the region.


We continue to work across the community.


Learn Engage Connect enrolments are available for pregnant or young parents who wish to complete their secondary school studies.

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Welcome to 2021

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VCAL Awards 2021


This year we will be holding the VCAL Awards event online. Celebrating 20 years of VCAL we look forward to these awards not only acknowledging our 2021 student award recipients but also showcasing VCAL in general.  Further details will be available throughout the year.

Feedback from an FMPLLEN Stakeholder:

"Hi Jane,


Your timing was absolutely perfect as I had been discussing Childcare with one of my David Scott students in our Zoom session this morning.


I really had not been aware of this series but followed up and alerted my class to its existence and relevance to them as potential employees.


Just love the work the LLEN does and the support it offers the sort of students our school attracts.


Sincere thanks,


Jamie R"

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