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Learn Engage Connect Young Parents Program



This program is a partnership program with FMPLLEN as the lead agency and is funded through the Communities for Children program. Partners are Anglicare Frankston, headspace Frankston and Chisholm Frankston.


Young parents are enrolled in VCAL at the Chisholm Frankston Campus. The program has the children in the classroom and supported by the Family Support Worker and the Early Childhood Educator.


The principles of the program are:

To engage young parents in further education and through this avenue to

  • Support social connectedness & empowerment

  • Support links to community and support services

  • To develop an integrated early childhood education (Abecedarian)opportunity:

  • Activities for babies and toddlers attending( 2-3 days )

  • Structured parenting support for each parent & child /children

For more information regarding the LEC program please contact us


Although this has been a challenging year. We have had some amazing outcomes.


The young parents had a challenging year with  COVID19.  Through zoom classes and the innovative approach and delivery by staff Suzanne and Maree, the majority of the parents were able to complete or partially complete VCAL. The engagement and the growth in our young mums is inspiring


The development of the children was difficult to monitor but we were able to engage the children in many activities and they are enjoying the Abecedarian program.

 Video - Learn Engage Connect Graduation 2020 

 Our Contribution to the Sudsy Challenge 2020
What is the Sudsy Challenge?

Here are photos of us in our Sudsy T-Shirts with the Events Manager, Victoria Page, from Orange Sky.  We have raised $2,435 (our goal was $500).  Victoria told us that we raised enough money for 90 loads of washing.

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Case Study 2018

New Flyer

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